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    I made a few rough sketches of a koth map design i like, the design of the map is to have the spawns at a lower level then the battle as the entire middle section of the map is raised, in the middle of the raised section there's the point with two walls to each side so that its closed off a bit, there's 4 water paths on the raised part that are pretty narrow, if possible I'd like to see that if players fall in them that they get pushed back and off the mid section, under the mid section is a little bit of a hole (not to deep) with stairs on each side of the mid section leading down to a platform surrounded by water and with a large health pack in it and two small ammo packs in the top left and bottom right corners, yes the stairs lead to the platform, to the sides of the mid section are hallways blocked with shudders on each side to prevent sniper sitelines there are two doors in the hallways 1 that leads to a shak with hp and ammo and 1 that lead to the stairs to the under area, in front of the spawn area is a wall, a small part of the spawn goes past the wall, there's is health and ammo behind the horizontal part of the wall, in the top left corner of the mide section there's a small hp kit and the in the bottom right corner of the mid section there's a small ammo pack, in the top left corner and the bottom left corner of the map there's a large ammo pack, and on the bottom left corner and the top right corner of the mid section there's stairs leading to the top of the mid section.

    Computer rendering made by: Alpha_cap_I on amino

    Gray lines= shutter doors

    Ladder looking things= stairs

    Black lines= walls

    Grey small circles= small ammo boxes

    Grey/black small boxes= medium ammo boxes

    Grey large boxes= large ammo boxes

    Blue small circles= small health packs

    Blue small boxes= medium health packs

    Blue large boxes= large health packs

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