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    Guys, i'm just started making the map, but i wanna ask, how much is an optimum map size for a koth map ? i tried 10000 HU X 8000 HU, but it's a pain to scroll around and put the ceiling (due to how long i have to scroll just to reach the top)
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    Don't proceed like this, start by the control point first, in general the control point has to have a story, and as you are starting, you should make it simple, on a bridge, in a barn, on a cliff ...

    Then when your control point is ready, turn around it and create the battle zone, after that add the pathS to access it, and ends with the spawns.

    Don't stick with the units, each maps have their own, you just have to stick to these two size, 192 and 256 units for the heights.

    Don't forget to play with the heights, it's very important to avoid the sightlines, and create an interesting gameplay.
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    There is no optimum size.
    Just build areas that are fun to play in, connect them together in a smooth way and make sure players don't have to travel excessively long to get around between points of interest.
    Measuring walk times on official and popular custom maps and then comparing to your own is a good way to get scaling right.

    10000 units is really long. It's roughly the distance between cp1 -> cp5 on straight 5cp maps (Well, Fastlane, Granary).

    If you're talking about height, most maps have the skybox ~2000 units above ground. But I've seen up to 4000 a few times, but at some point it becomes pointless. The only thing that can reach that high is ubered demomen (or with stickyjumper)
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    I (and other good rocket jumpers) could get that high rocket jumping, even without walls. Just thought you would like to know.

    Also don't design a map from a set size at the start.