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    Map Showcase Submissions


    Rules for Map Submissions:
    • If you want your map in the showcase you will need to prove its greatness to us by having it played on our servers. You can poke us with a private message to get our attention if you want.
    • If we like the map then we will add it to the showcase. If we don't like the map we will not add it to the showcase, reasons being so will probably pop up in your feedback thread or map thread. If we aren't sure if we like the map then we will playtest it more until we come to a consensus.
    • To submit a map, you must be the owner/author of the map.
    • The map must be either in late beta or be a release candidate. Meaning that the map is about as good as it ever will be, it's no longer in development.
    tl;dr: Just keep developing your maps normally. If your map is good, everyone (not just staff) will know and it has a better chance of getting into the showcase. No more submissions. Just make maps!

    This is to replace the old method, which while it had good intentions, took too long (particularly for maps we already could conclude were good enough to be in the showcase, but were stuck in the queue of submissions).

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.