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    I just got here and I'm not even sure if this is the right place to post this but
    Why do the Featured Maps all have like 2 or 3 review?
    Shouldn't there be a crap ton of map review to help people fix or just update their maps?
    I want to play on a bunch of new maps
    Is there like a list servers that only plays new maps that need to be tested?
    can I have the list?

    first post please be gentle and use lots of lube
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    That review feature is rarely used, if ever. All the feedback of the map goes into the discussion thread.

    Well, our own servers run custom maps all the time, it's just not populated most of the time. That's the case for most custom maps servers though. You can search on Google for custom TF2 servers running non-official maps.
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    Featured Maps are generally "finished" after a long process of fixing and updating

    Our US, Eu and Aus servers are listed on the sidebar. When not in use they run some of our better finished maps. Periodically we run gamedays (usually 1 or 2 a week) and impromptu tests (usually 1 a day). These are announced on steam when they start if you join our steam group.

    When maps are playtested, some of the feedback goes on the map's thread, but much of it goes on the feedback page, which is also where you can find demo recordings of the tests. Hardly any of it goes to the starred ratings, but it never hurts!

    If you ever get a map testable, sign up for an impromptu in our steam chat, or for a gameday on the respective thread
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    Also: the ratings system didn't even exist until mid-2015 when we moved the site to a new forum software, so many older maps that aren't being developed anymore and/or never made the showcase won't have many ratings, if at all.
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    Theres also a few people that do reviews of maps with videos or other media outlets:
    @Egan (Youtube feedback, usually during an imp or gameday)
    @Uncuepa (though he kinda stopped I think)
    @Davekillerish (Map Follies with Dave)
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    One day, when the mapping fire in my heart flares again
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