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    Hello Fellow Mappers,

    DRONE.JMR1 is mostly associated with my art (WeDrawRobots.Com, BinaryDrones.Com & JoshMarlar.Com). I have not used it in the past but it is my Steam name (if interested) and my new'er Gamer-Tag / alias.

    I currently work in the film industry in Stereo Depth & Compositing field.

    Previously, I worked in the game industry for 2 1/2 years for a company called TC Digital working on an Online Trading Card game called Chaotic.
    In the past I've gone by copyrightme or f3t3l 3rr0r (you know... those young immature gaming names when you go through the stages of refute, destruction, etc, etc, etc. and listen to copious amounts of metal.)

    My mapping ventures began when I got a shitty Gateway computer in 6th grade that had a 28.8k modem that could barely run any OpenGL games (Oh those wondrous days). I was a huge Quake fan boy at the time. For two years I started getting familiar with a 3rd party map editor called Qoole99 where I started building Quake 2 and HL maps (mostly screwing around, I wouldn't call it substantial at any rate or serious). There were also times of trial with skinning and modding.

    After that the map editing software died and I moved onto UnrealEd... (yes, evil). Studied that editor throughout college, graduated (At this point I was not enjoying map editing).

    Once I landed an industry oriented position I worked with fellow engineers (at that time) to pitch (based on price, limitations, company goals) an engine to purchase seats (licenses) called "Unity". I worked as a UI Artist but ended up being a generalist creating a range of things from package design, motion graphics, 3D models, to layouts. After the game got old for the parent company and the show lost viewers the company was forced to close its doors.

    I now reside at Legend3D creating depth, roto, paint, or whatever else you could think of... a VFX generalist of sorts.

    As it stands I've got experience using QRadient, Hammer, Qoole99, Unity, UnrealEd, and probably a few others that I can't recall at the moment that were 3rd party.

    Now, your probably like WTF is this guy doing on this forum if he is in VFX... Well, to be honest, I've been missing those Quake 2 mapping days.

    I'm currently working on a single flag CTF map.
    If all goes well, you'll see it soon.

    PS. I always make time for the arts and things that keep me in the gaming world. Who knows, this could possibly something I was destined to do for a living but I'll keep it as a love // hobby for now. We'll see...


    Track I was listening to while writing about my past seemed appropriate to share:
    People Under the Stairs: San Fransisco Knights.
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    This is the most detailed introduction I've ever read on an Internet forum. I congratulate you.

    Oh, and welcome.
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    Agreed, its nice now and then to get some specific.

    Welcome to the club.
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    I believe that "hi i liek maps" would have sufficed, but this is much better.
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    Grazr has finally met his match?

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    Ha, thanks for the warm welcome.
    I almost went back and cut it down but glad to see people actually read through that beast.
    I'll post some progress once I find the WIP section in this forum.

    I spent some time (actually) reading through the intro threads here. If there are any other tips // tricks // rules // or "noob" stuff I should abide by feel free to follow up. I'll try to keep it a little shorter and sweeter next time for those of you who like the "Don't tell the whole story in a 30 second trailer type (film pet peeve).

    Thanks Again,