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    1 - Sewing​
    2 - Blending​

    3 - Fading lights​
    4 - Light under cliff​

    1 - How do i sew the cliff together in the ss below, ive tried selected the two cliffs and i clicked sew but nothing happened.
    Picture 1

    2 - How do i blend the textures together to make it look more natural instead of having a distinct line.
    Picture 2

    3 - How do i stop the light from fading at a distance, it is forming bad shadows. Also the floor is always lit where the walls have shadows for some reason.
    Picture 3

    4 - How do i get rid of the line of light, i tried droppingt the cliff a few blocks goingt though the floor but it remains.
    Picture 4
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  2. Armadillo of Doom

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    For the first one, sewing displacements requires that at least 2 of the seams are touching. If the displacements are of a different grid size, sewing them is more difficult. For the second one, check that both textures have the same alignment. Either 'to world' or 'to face'. If they are aligned, go to options and uncheck 'texture lock'. This will cause all textures to remain oriented w/ the world, regardless of how they are moved.

    You might have to recreate the displacement after doing this. Check if the lights have a fade scale, and turn off the shadows flag for the models. As for the last one, may be caused by compiling w/ full bright, not sure. Add either a nodraw or tools/blocklight brush behind the displacement. Hope this helps :)
  3. eerieone

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    1- the corners of both brushes you want to sew must connect at the same point
    2- blending: select both brushes, go to the texture tool and adjust the x and y axis to 0 (they will be blank if both your brushes have differently positioned textures)
    3- might be due to fast compile, light entities placed to far up in the mesh of the model, i´d have to check your vmf to see that
    4- i seriously don´t know
  4. Acegikmo

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    #4 is just lightmap bleeding.
    The lightmap grid is halfway on the outside of the displacement; and it recieves light from one side so the whole luxel is lit; even though the other half is at an area that is supposed to be shaded.
    Like Immortal-D said; func_blocklight behind the displacements will solve this issue.
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    Thanks for all the suggestions.
    1 - Ive fixed the sewing issue
    2 - Ive sorted the blending, they were all set to 0 anyway, i changed the texture to a more horizontally lined one and that blended in fine. I didnt need to bother with the texture locks.
    4 - Ive put light blockers in the way and i will test that when i get home, running source sdk offline atm and get get on tf2

    3 - Not sure what to do with the lights still. Is there a turoial that shows you how to do lighting like valve does in TF2 where all the corridors are lit and you dont really see shadows from no lighting inside or really see the source. Like in goldrush etc.

    5 - Does anyone no of a good ground texture that lets you paint alpha? Ive been switching through the nature files but havent found a floor one which you can paint.
  6. Nineaxis

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    Paintable textures will have "blend" at the start of the name (like blendrockground002 or whatever)
  7. mavadosh

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    5 - Thanks for that it works fine.

    Still looking for a new response to 3
  8. Sgt Frag

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    Hard to say on #3.

    Are the walls func_details? They can tend to bleed light a bit like the displacment in #4. Also, it doesn't look like final lighting yet.

    So don't worry about how lights look until you see the final lighting on them. You'll have to do that at some point then adjust.
  9. Vigilante212

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    From the looks of 3 it appears no entity lighting is going on at all. Go into hammer and take a picture of how your lighting entity is setup in the 3d view, and a pic of the entitys properties.