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Map ideas

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Aki, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. Aki

    Aki L4: Comfortable Member

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    I've been working long weeks this summer to save up money, but I have been sporadically playing TF2. Gotten good with scout. Most of my play has been on a map called "2Fort Engie Power." This is the base 2 fort map with player clips removed to allow movement onto the roofs, and ladders where added to allow all classes to get onto the bridge roof or out of the water and back into the middle area. A passage from the sewer leads directly into the intelligence area, and extra sentry positions are possible in the intel room.

    The guild I hang with has had success with the map, but after a year usage has dropped off. The map is starting to get stale. I've built some draft maps along this vein but nothing I'm really happy with. Further my works in progress have been nipped off.

    I've sketched out some ideas for a map but some of them will require scripting. I program for a living so that doesn't scare me, but I'd like to know how possible the following are.

    1) Engie Power's most popular feature is the sewer route that bypasses almost all the strong defense points in the 2fort layout. Unfortunately, it's so good a scout can reach the enemy intel before most of the enemy classes can. This makes scout rushes almost guaranteed to win the first point.

    I'd like to make the teams work for this "bypass" route by tying it to a control point. The team that controls the center point can freely move through grate doors in the enemy area (they can always move through these points in their own area). If time runs out whoever controlled the point the longest wins if captures are tied.

    2) Our servers allow up to 34 players. When the game is 3 on 3 this is a, ahem, problem. To solve I'd like to set up the map so that alternate routes and paths unlock as the player count rises - in effect the map goes up in size as the player count goes up. To keep things simple routes open at 10 and 20 players and then stay open until the count drops back down to 5 or 15.

    3) I'm wondering if the name Maelstrom is taken.
  2. REEJ

    REEJ L7: Fancy Member

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    1. Most likely possible, if the access is in form of func_door
    2. If there is a representation (probably is) of player count in input/output then yeah
    3. didn't find any @ http://tf2stats.net/map/#