map gives automaticly spellbook or spell magazine

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so in most halloween maps were there are spells you can a notification on the left side basically telling you you don't have a spellbook. after pressing a button ( i think it's J) you get a spellmagazine which only works on that map. on my halloween map there are spells but the notification never pops up even though it should because i don't have a spellbook. how can i make the notifcation appear

Jun 17, 2010
You need to enable spells in map settings in order to get the stuff show correctly. Check what is your tf_logic_holiday entitys name first. Create one if you dont have it and give it a name. Put in some existing logic_auto or create a new one if you dont have it and enter to its outputs a line:

OnMapSpawn your_tf_logic_holiday_name_here HalloweenSetUsingSpells 1

After that, things work ok.