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Jul 28, 2016
So I'm working on Making a NYC inspired KOTH Map And I wanted to hear your feedback, as well as ask a small bit of questions myself in terms of Design help implementation in Hammer.


So first things First. Tactics wise, I'm trying to set it up based on a sort of "On the Edge, Over the Gator Pit" Capture point above 3 Subway Tracks, which I feel I should Cluster Up Closer together, (in context of the 3 Orange train Tracks) to be more realistic to NYC Subway car Tracks in the City. (For Context: )


That Way it Shrinks the Valley and adds more tension for Rushing Passerby Trains with little Safety spaces. Thus giving a benefit to air-blast an enemy over this metal bridge. Which for the Trains themselves, I want to have it set to have Subway Car trains rushing in back in fourth with a sparking effect from the metal wheels grinding on the rusted tracks. I plan for the subway car drive in to be a constant, if not random dispersing timed effect, this is a sort of tension effect I want to bring in from the map.

There's only a few concerns I have so far trying to get info for.


I'm currently using some Static, Physical Collision-able Train Track Props and I'm seeing some people using Textures of Tracks to implement the gravel texture to surround the tracks themselves, (with some Barely Modeled Rails for the least part.) I'm trying to figure out a way with implementing Dark gray Train gravel onto these tracks without resorting to the previous method for doing so.

Also need to know warping techniques (as Well how to Warp) to give the land a more realistic feel.


Another issue I'm trying to figure out, since I'm Using Custom Arches for this Subway Terminal, Is how to go by implementing Dark Spaces for The Inner Terminal like the per-existing asset does. (Needing it to envelope darkness regardless of light source, giving off a foggy darkness in the distance past an invisible wall if you will.) As I want to have these Archways fully open with no need for a warning dynamic Prop event to announce the trains incoming, as well as Keep players in the map of course.


Now Scaling Wise I can see it may need a bit of work, but my bigger concern for asking right now is trying to develop this map to be "Heavy Weapons Guy - Friendly;" A tougher mindset to put yourself through when developing a map than you would believe. Since Both Pyro, Or more importantly Heavy, are a more close quarters based enemies effective really only in these conditions. Due to the Current Scale I'm illustrated above, makes this more favorable to sniper nests than really anything else. I'm trying to figure out how substitute for this, because I do want to keep this center platform as bare as possible. I mean I might put a roof, but if it doesn't look ridiculous already with this support beam scheme, I can't see how an umbrella styled roof helps this out:


Now I might just end up removing them in its current state to give room for more condensed track and a smaller valley way in between, but this is all concerns on ONE part of the map, and quintessentially perhaps the meat and most important part of the map for the game anyway. As I already have some Test Spawn rooms on the side to test the level up with:


(Never have I met a Colder Soviet Stare...)

But yeah Overall, I wanted to make this map for the community whilst adding a teaspoon of Home into the Mix, as it is Surprising that a game who's artwork depicted after post/mid American Civil war Posters doesn't actually have any maps made after it's home turf, (Or at least After Scout's Home Town...) What I'm saying is there's practically no New York City type Maps For an Industrialized Art driven Game. And I want to bring some Of the Old Concrete Jungle Into this game. Especially After looking at some Mod DB work for Half Life 2 inspiring for me to do this:


(I mean Obviously My Map's Design plan is to look a little more lived-in, active, and alive than Detroit here, but yeah... Even with my Disdain towards my Living Dumpster of a birth place, You can never really Leave the Ghetto, I swear.)

But Yeah I'll Update Soon With More Pictures when I have More done in, I posted some further Screenshots on an external site to update with more In Depth Pictures to the Progress of the Map here: In TF2?sort=3&page=1

I'd love to hear what you guys think so far, any advice and help would greatly be appreciated.


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Nov 14, 2009
Almost all your images are broken. Use the "Upload a File" button to embed them directly instead of relying on third-party hosts.


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Oct 24, 2015
Also needto know warping techniques ... to give the land a more realistic feel.
Use displacements for non-flat surfaces like gravel
a game who's artwork depicted after post/mid American Civil war Posters doesn't actually have any maps made after it's home turf, (Or at least After Scout's Home Town...) What I'm saying is there's practically no New York City type Maps
-Scout, while he has a New York accent, is from Boston
-Mvm_mannhattan is worth checking out, as a (probably) New York industrial/dockside area. Also contains a subway.
-TF2 is set in the 1960's-70's, but close enough

Also the random capital letters made this very hard to read