Map creation process

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Nov 3, 2019
New mapper here

Hey fellas do you think its better to map backwards (control point -> spawn) or forwards? (spawn -> control point)


Takes way to long to make and update maps
Jun 11, 2015
One thing that I've heard is that it's often better to design with the objectives in mind, which most people find easier to do if they design the areas with the objectives (control points, etc.) first, then expand outward from there (spawns and everything in between) and design it around the objective

Ryan Nikey

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Dec 26, 2018
I'm sorta new but the way I did it with my current map: start with the spawn then work my way up towards the cp. When I started connecting them together, I made the routes as individual rooms. That way, I could decide to either keep it like that and add some cover, or I can choose to vary the routes/flanks by adding walls, or just change them into chokepoints. A method I've been using is the "zig-zag" method, which I basically created rooms and placed a wall in the middle in each with a gap on one side creating a sort of "Z" path.