Map crashing tf2?

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Geal, Jan 6, 2010.

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    So I'm making a pl map, currently working on getting the a2 done. Haven't uploaded it to the showcase forum yet, was planning on doing so once i get a2 finished.

    I sent it to some friends for them to do a quick runthrough of it, and some of them crashed upon trying to load the map up. They claimed the game either hung up on "Initializing Resources" or just crashed straight to windows. No leaks or anything appeared in the compile log, and I never had any issues running the map on my own.

    I tried uploading it to my server, but the server goes down whenever I change it to the map. Does anyone have any recommendations on what the problem might be? Never run into a problem like this before.
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    Did you pakrat in a nav file which you generated for bots?

    That causes it to crash every time.
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    sorry to bump an old thread. but have you figured out your problem Geal?

    i did a long session without compiling and then just now compiled, but so far,
    hl2.exe stops working right when my map is seemingly finished loading, and that's only locally on my computer so it isn't' nav_generate for me.

    edit: NVM. i figured it out i think.

    :D making a ctf map and i mirrored it and implented the necessary functions and logic and the briefcases etc. then deleted the half i mirrored again to make some changes and it's just messing up because i don't have the other flag
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    Damn, I think I may have gotten bit by this judging by feedback from a recent release... Does it only crash dedicated servers? I can't reproduce the problem with a listen-server when I remove my on-disk copy of the .ain file to force it to use the packed version.
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    Any other ideas? I added only the skybox textures. I omitted the .ain, cache, and nav files.

    It loads locally just fine but crashes instantly when installed and run on a server.