Map crashing TF2 after cubemaps have been built

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    Of course, the one time I build an actual map with my own original layout, the universe decides to correct itself Final Destination style and make my map one of the .1% that immediately crash TF2 as soon as they load.

    Does anyone know what any of the standard reasons for this might be? I was able to load it properly twice, and both times I built cubemaps and tried to reload and it went down. It's almost as if the cubemaps are what's crashing it, but that can't possibly be right. That's just too random to be a real thing, right?

    Also is there a way to diagnose client crashes? Some sort of error log or something? I recall that the Linux version could be launched from a terminal window and would give text output when it runs or crashes, but wouldn't you know it, the Linux version hasn't worked for me at all since somewhere around when I gave up trying to get decent performance out of it.
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    There is a bug currently with tf2 where the second time you use the "map" command it crashes. It's Valve's end, not map specific, everyone has been having it.

    You just have to reluanch the client between LDR and HDR cubemaps, or use changelevel to change to another map.
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