Map crashes on load w/o compile errors

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    My map, Juniper compiles without a error after multiple attempts in Hammer and CompilePal, yet for some reason it keeps crashing whenever it gets loaded on a server. I noticed a1 had a file size of over 11k kb, yet a1a had 4,5k kb even though they are identical with a minor adjustment. I know I dimmed all the lights, but unsure how much it correlates. There might be something wrong with VVIS, since it freezes on 1 second in the compile then just carries on normally after a bit and I also scooped the crash log finding

    8205(6412.240795): CNavArea::postLoad: Corrupt navigation data. Cannot connect Navigation Areas.
    8204(6412.240780): Invalid area in visible set for area #1
    8203(6412.240766): Invalid area in visible set for area #1
    8202(6412.233515): Can't read TF-specific attributes

    ...which I assume the middle one is associated with VVIS? This is the first time this has happened on any of my maps, so as a first time I'm pretty clueless.
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    Something similar happened to me when I had visleaves that were too large. I can't give you a number on what 'too' large means, but make sure that you've loaded up your portal file and everything looks okay.
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    packing navmeshes can cause crashes on load, and looks related to that navigation area line
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