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map crash :\

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by SnapBackKilla, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. SnapBackKilla

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    i have been working on this map for not very long but, it crashes tf2 when i run it. not errors in compile log. vmf is included tell me if you know whats wrong
  2. ClydeJr

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    You might want to try cordoning off smaller chunks of the map, recompile, and then run that smaller area. That way you can determine if there's a specific part of the map that crashing the game.
  3. DJive

    aa DJive Cake or Death?

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    Actually, there is quite a few.

    Run compile then copy/paste it into this site

    It will tell you the problem.

    Also "ALP+P" in hammer will bring up the check for problems screen.

    I did look at it because the file is so small and the problem with it crashing could be any things. brushes are outside of the map, buildings outside of the map, displacements 6 sided, tool textures outside the map etc.

    Rules of thumb:
    1. everything is to be enclosed.
    2. Displacements are 1 brush FACE, not the whole selected brush.
    3. Overlapping brushes or intercepting brushes are bad.
    4. don't use carve
    5. Check the link in my sig =)
  4. MungoKing

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    In case you don't know how to cordon off areas....

    On the main hammer toolbar uptop

    The tools you want are these:

    Use the button on the right to edit the area that will be cordon'd off. This is just used like the select tool. Then click on the left button to show what will be cordon'd off. You may have brushes sticking outside of the cordon'd off area, don't worry about it. When you have the area set and are ready to compile, make sure the left button is pressed down (cordon is active).

    Hopefully that makes sense :p

    EDIT: DJive found the real problems I guess >.< just use the post for reference in the future then ;D
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