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    A couple of days ago, the idea of turning Lumberyard into a snowy map came to my mind, so I downloaded Xi.Cynx's decompiled Lumberyard, changed some textures, adjusted the skybox and changed its settings, then compiled using the -final settings. However, a couple of errors can be seen when playing it:

    The skybox looks as if I was seeing the void (HDR makes it look white)

    A couple of areas simply don't show up
    20161211174035_1.jpg 20161211174355_1.jpg 20161211174405_1.jpg 20161211174415_1.jpg 20161211174500_1.jpg

    The skybox goes back to normal after rotating the camera a couple of degrees:
    20161211174438_1.jpg 20161211174430_1.jpg

    And finally, the classic black prop shadow:

    Any idea as to how I can solve this?

    Edit 1: I just remembered that the Source SDK came with a copy of Lumberyard, so I re-edited the map using that .vmf and all the problems seem to have been fixed. Apparently a LOT of nodraws are replaced with playerclips when decompiling, causing a considerable amount of leaks and other errors.
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    Just like you noticed, decompiled maps are never exact copy or the original. Things go broken, flat, invisible and unusuable in the decompiled one.
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    Well, that and one of Valve's mappers deliberately hacks their BSPs so they decompile wrong; nodraw turning into player_clip isn't something that can happen by accident.
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