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    I know I know. It's not a map that was intended for TF2's play-style but hold your horses. I'm paying for this bandwagon.

    I need a map done. Its purpose is to house a community. As a 'lobby', if you will.


    Main room (Social Hall)
    Game Room (Basement)
    Event Room
    A staff (admin) meeting room, held above the lobby as a vantage point.
    A party (with dance floor) room (which includes music)
    A coffee shop.
    A hat gallery.
    An MvM style shopping area. (no complicated commands required, just model a room to look like a store) (likely connected to the social hall)
    Beautiful Interior Design
    A show room. (in similar taste of the comedy club in GTA 4)*
    Deathmatch Arena.
    Good and appropriate lighting.
    An easter egg of some sort.
    Beautiful Architecture
    A yard closed off by a bush-fence
    Pyro Tennis area
    A well designed pool
    a seamless 3D skybox


    Now I know this will take a lot of hours to complete. But since this will be relatively easier to make than a proper TF2 map in the sense of judging player actions and movements.

    I will pay up a nice amount of $300 (if my hours worked to dollars payed conversion is wrong let me know)

    Any questions?
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    okay yes, check my signature for examples of my work and message me if you're interested. There may be some feasibility issues like the staff room (if you were planning on keeping regular users out) but we can work out stuff.