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    Is there a file to edit or an option within Valve Hammer to change the information associated with the loading screen splash for a map that shows screenshot thumbnails and the map author?

    I'm about to release a map for testing and wanted to make sure that everything was in order.

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    You really don't have to worry about loading screen photos/the author list for alpha testing. Even for beta its not that big of a deal.

    You can check this out for adding images:

    TMB also made some templates for the images to make them look like photgraphs:

    I don't believe you can edit the authors list. I think its something that Valve does when they add community maps in the game, meaning its hardcoded. Again though; doing these images for each version will just be another extra step you have to do to get the version ready, and it can get messy after a lot of versions. I would suggest just doing it in the final stages of the map when detailing really matters.
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    Oh, thanks for mentioning my pack!