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    So i loaded up Manhattan to see how that one thing works where the bots stand near a door and open it. The announcer calls "security alert." and the bots de-activate on door open and pipes start blowing.
    But when i load it, there are hundreds of little unseen boxes. like hint brushes or triggers. So does anybody have a tutorial on how to do this for my-self i'm my map?
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    Mannhattan can be tricky to analyze due to all the different entities, as well as the fact that the decompiling process sorta breaks I/O. The trick is to identify entities that you're pretty sure are irrelevant and quickhide them to clean up your view. I'm not sure specifically what you're trying to do, but here's a general overview (not necessarily comprehensive) of how to recreate Mannhattan's gates:
    • If you're making an MvM map with gates that you want robots to capture, you set those up effectively the same way you would set up control points in a normal A/D map, team_control_point_master included.
    • To make a door open while a point is being captured (not exclusive to MvM), replace your trigger_capture_area entity with a trigger_timer_door. This entity is effectively the same as trigger_capture_area, but it comes with the added ability to link a door to the capture status of this point. Set the Door Name property of the trigger_timer_door to the name of the door you want to link to the point. Create a logic_relay, name it something, then add this output to it:
      My Output Target Entity Target Input Parameter Delay Only Once
      OnTrigger <name of your door> Close 0.00 No
      Finally, in your trigger_timer_door, add these outputs:
      My Output Target Entity Target Input Parameter Delay Only Once
      OnStartTouchAll <name of your door> Open 0.00 No
      OnEndTouchAll <name of the relay> Trigger 0.00 No
      OnCapture <name of the relay> Disable 0.00 No
    • To make gatebots go to your gate and capture it, create a filter_tf_bot_has_tag entity with Tags "bot_gatebot" and Filter mode "Allow entities that match criteria". Name it "filter_gatebot" or something along those lines. Then create a func_nav_prerequisite over your entire map with a Filter Name of "filter_gatebot", a Task of "Move to Entity", and set the Task Entity to the name of the trigger_capture_area or trigger_timer_door for your gate.
    • To make gatebots revert to trying to capture the bomb once the gate has been captured, see this.
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