Mann The Barricades: Mann vs Machine Buildables

Mann The Barricades: Mann vs Machine Buildables v3

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semi-trained quasi-professional
Aug 8, 2010
Mann The Barricades: Mann vs Machine Buildables - Build props, sentries, cover, and even block whole routes in Mann Vs Machine!

Buildable objects for MVM

By LeSwordfish

With thanks to A Boojum Snark, Hydrogen and Benoist​

These hologram whatsits turn into real things if you punch them hard enough. Use them to fight robots better. As we speak I am wrestling a leopard.
- Mann Co. CEO Saxton Hale, entirety of Holographic Defence Assets press release.



If you wish to use this in your map, i would appreciate that you mention my username (LeSwordfish) in your map page or readme, and include a link to wherever you got this from.

My thanks to A Boojum Snark, who put together the Sawblade prefab, and to @Benoist3012 and @Hydrogen who helped me with the Navigation stuff.

How it Works: Player’s Perspective
  1. In between waves, holographic props appear, along with instructions for their use.

  2. Attack the props to spend "build points" on them- when you have purchased a hologram it turns into a full prop.

  3. Sprites next to props mark their cost, with props with a greater gameplay effect costing more.

  4. Like spending cash, if you pass the wave your choices are consolidated: if you fail you get to choose again.

  5. You earn build points however the mapper wants you to. It should be at least a few per wave, though, and I would suggest giving out more for performing certain feats (killing a tank in ten seconds, airblasting three bots to death in one wave, whatever).
How it Works: Mapper’s Perspective
The whole thing is too complex to go into here- further details are given in the vmfs, and instructions on usage are below. For now, suffice to say you need to place the “Common” prefab in your level, along with as many or as few others as you feel you need. You can then plug the start and end of your waves into the Common prefab (see the instructions below), customise the buildables you place, and it should all work.

Some quick notes on the technology:
  1. Holograms are prop_dynamics that are enabled and disabled,

  2. Math_counters are used to track points earned and spent,

  3. Game_texts display information on screen (game_text_tf is prettier but only appears outside minmode HUD)

  4. Lots of logic_relays enable and disable each other so that the objects appear and disappear as needed.

  5. A trigger_multiple is also used, TouchTest-ing itself to prevent players getting stuck when the holograms reenable.
Included in This Pack
The pack contains a set of prefabs - put them wherever the rest of your prefabs are and add them to the level as normal. (Why not instances? Because instances are harder to customise (and because I never could get the hang of sending inputs to them)).

It also contains a .pdf readme with more detailed instructions on usage.
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semi-trained quasi-professional
Aug 8, 2010
They try to destroy the sentry and dispenser, but not the others.* As for "permanency" - they work like the cash, in that if you fail a wave you get a refund on your points, but if you win your choices so far are locked in.

*Both sentry and dispenser get a health boost (and a Wrangler shield to show this) - if they're destroyed, they respawn at the start of the next wave.


Sample Text
Mar 20, 2016
This reminds me of the Tear ability from Bioshock Infinite. Elizabeth spawns sentries and health pack like this.