making team colored point lighting.

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    for my KOTH map I want to make it so the point flag glows the appropriate color for whichever team owns the point at the time. Like the koth_laoder.
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    if i understand you; you want the point to have a light on your KOTH point that changes color biased on who owns it? that would be easy however it will increase the file size of your map somewhat(just an fyi on it).

    1)Create 3 Point_spotlight entities
    2)light each one White, Red, and blue
    3)name each one
    4)Set outputs on the trigger_capture_area so that it disables the white light and enables the color light of the team that capped.

    That should be it. like i said dynamic lights(lights that turn on/off) are expensive. and overlapping ones are exponentially more costly. (your looking at 9x more data than you would have initially have with 1 light.)

    its fine if you do this just at the control point but dont go switching multiple lights throughout the map. ^_^
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  3. LeSwordfish

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    also, team-coloured lights can make it hard to distinguish who's on what team.
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  4. grazr

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    Yes, try to avoid coloured lights unless it's a really low saturation. faint blue or faint yellow etc.
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  5. Pocket

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    Or they only light a small area. Like supposing they're those little emergency lights or something on the walls, but the actual gameplay area is lit with normal white lights.
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  6. Tapp

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    If you're going to quadruple the size of the lightmap file, make sure that the lights are in a noticable place. Attach some effects to them (sprites, spotlights, etc) and try optimising your lightmaps to compensate. Finally, you absolutely MUST name any grouped lights the same. So if you name all the red lights the same, then you can have as many as you want, while if you name them differently your first additional lights are going to cost you 32 lightmaps (verrrrrry bad)
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  7. Terr

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    IIRC every switchable light (or same-named set of lights) doubles the number of lightmaps that must be calculated for the entire map, so if you're going to use that type of lighting to "change the theme" you might as well dream big in terms of the area covered by a single switch.

    IMO that sounds like a job for switchable model skins, a world-space glow sprite, and fancy particles, with no actual difference in VRAD lighting.