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Making static props solid and train tracks

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Pianodan, Apr 11, 2009.

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    Brand new to Hammer, I've been playing with it for about three days.

    Two questions:

    1. I've been using the "truss" models from the mining directory. These are the ones that involve train tracks up on wooden trestles. However, whether I use them as "prop_static" or "prop_dynamic", I appear to have only two options as far as solidity: Making them completely insubstantial, or else using the bounding box, which makes the surrounded by a giant invisible cube. The "Use Vphys" option doesn't seem to work, since these models don't have "physics" checked.

    I've started basically recreating the entire geometry of the props using "nodraw" brushes, but it's tedious going, and I keep thinking to myself, "Is this really how I'm supposed to do this? Given that the model already exists, do I basically have to trace the entire thing again?"

    It's certainly good practice building things using brushes, but it seems horribly counter intuitive.

    2. The Y-junction track segment only appears to exist in one configuration; go straight or turn right. I'd really like a mirror image of that. I didn't see one on here, but has anyone already built such a model, or know where I can find one? I'm already learning one hideously complicated program, I'd prefer not to have to puzzle out decompiling models while I'm at it. (An "x" track crossing would be nice too)

    Thanks for the help.
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    The truss models don't have collision meshes. Valve didn't use the models in accessible places so they didn't bother making them. There's nothing you can do about it except what you are doing, though you should use toolsclip or toolsblockbullets instead, nodraw blocks light and that isn't necessary since the prop itself can do that.
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