making lightning arc the sky with some lighting fx

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    I'm working on a map set in the far north and I know from experience that snow can cause lightning storms. So, as wind rolls down from the mountains and brings snow. it also brings down a storm of plasma. Anyway, spiel over so any way or tutorial to make the sky light up periodically?
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    We're talking about the skybox texture itself flashing in sync with the environment lighting getting brigher, yes? There's one way I know of that any manipulation of the 2D skybox could be achieved: By using custom materials for your 3D skybox's walls (which must be a six-sided box with only 90 degree angles) that reflect custom cubemaps, as I touched on here, and then using the MaterialModify proxy to toggle between the two versions. It's an insanely complicated process and if you're insanely lucky it might even work.