Making item_teamflag something other than a briefcase

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by The Asylum, Jan 14, 2011.

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    So we have the option of turning the model for item_teamflag off. We also have the option of making item_teamflag a parent to some other model. So I figured, why not make it the flag model that was included in the game but never used?

    The problem with this is, while it works, and it stands upright while resting, whenever the flag is picked up, it always appears perpendicular on the carrier, like the flagpole is impaling him. There's gotta be some way to fix this, Any ideas?
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    Use model override?

    If you don't have the keyvalue, your fdg is outdated, get boojums resource pack.
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  3. A Boojum Snark

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    He means the flag is oriented wrong when carried. I think the model would have to be recompiled in some way with the proper settings, but I don't know enough about that and never noticed anything different in the briefcase model that might be related.
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    Well, when the player (any model) picks up the flag it always looks the same:

    1 - The briefcase handle is always facing the left shoulder.
    2 - The top of the case with the keypad is facing away from the character.
    3 - The keypad is at the top of the case by the head.

    I'm not sure, but if you got a model that had the same orientation as the carried version wouldn't it look right when taken? Or am I way off base?
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    Isn't it the orientation of the model that changes when it's picked up? So when a different flag model is chosen, it can be upright, but when the player picks it up it will be rotated just like the original flag model. So you'd have to overwrite the positioning of the flag when it's being carried which I assume isn't somethign you can do in hammer.
  6. Loc_n_lol

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    Use two prop_dynamic parented to the item_teamflag, one with the flag standing up, one with the flag lying down, to be attached to the back of the carrier, Enable and Disable them as the intel is being picked up, dropped and captured. Might do the trick.
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    But what if you only want the prop_dynamics to show up?
    Is it possible to give the briefcase some kind of empty/null model, so only things you parent to the briefcase are visible?
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    while i'm no expert...
  9. Rexy

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    The reason you can't just use the model override with any model (flagpole syndrome) is because the the item teamflag model requires 2 sequences. A spin (dropped on the floor) sequence and an idle (carried) sequence.

    The model override was added because we asked for it. But inherently it only works if you have a good working knowledge of creating sequences for animated models.