Making a new gamemode?

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    So i have been making a new map(was supposed to be somekind of CP map, but i am unsure that it would work with the setup i was planning).

    Let me explain the original idea.
    So this is a 2 minute paint rush of the original idea.

    It consists of 7 control points(which i Know was looked on as "too confusing" which is why i am moving away from the idea). 1, 2 and 3 is on start controlled by Red; 5, 6 and 7 is controlled by Blu.
    4 Is the middle point which is available for capture after a certain time by both teams.
    Lets say that Red captures point 4, then Red can capture point 5 and 6, while Blu must capture point 4 to be able to capture point 2 and 3. Red then captures point 5 and 6, then a timer like the degroot keep timer allows Red to capture point 7 for 60 seconds. If Red fails to capture the point in 60 seconds, point 5 and 6 are marked capturable by both teams.
    That should explain the original idea, quite complicated for new players.

    I had another idea which did not fit my intrest, being an actual 5cp map, but that would not really work well with my map since its supposed to be mostly on top of a city(Roof map with point 3 and 5 placed by a docks area, then the points would have to be an W setup instead of the better N setup).

    I wanted something with a certain roundtimer(like koth) but not as short as an usual koth setup.
    Then i got the idea of a 5koth map(or AC:"area control"). I searched through custom game modes and googled it but couldn't find anything about it. The idea is like this. It has the same counter as koth, just with 25 minutes(maybe more?) instead of the usual 3. On roundstartup all 5 control points are greyed out and will be available for capture after a certain time. Now here comes the thing that would make this tick. On the first capture, the counter goes down with one second (a second) as usual. But when your team captures another point, the counter will instead go down 2 seconds (a second) and so on and so forth.
    So that would push the longest possible round time if both teams are commited to doing the objective to 12,5 minutes(plus setup). I don't think it would be much more confusing than 5cp since i have seen games like war thunder do this just with less points.

    Though the main reason i am posting this is to hear what some proffesionals think. This was mainly meant as a project for Frontline and set in a city. The usual koth timer could be swithed out with something like air superiority(how many planes are in the sky and the control points each control an anti air gun which will constantly shoot down enemy planes if owned by one of the teams) to fit the war theme. Though the map is more or less an idea at this point(had to scrap basicly all progress when i realized that the current layout would make soldier the most over used class)

    I would also want to know how i could make the koth timer go down quicker if a team owned more than one control point(new to hammer, but if i atleast was able to figure this out, i think this would be possible using the koth gamerules).
    And there is no reason to try to tell me off into making a diffrent gamemode, i've already descided on this. When first coming up with the idea for this map, it was supposed to be TC.

    And if you have seen similar gamemodes, let me know, would want to see how they did it.