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    I looked through the assets and materials and couldn't find what I was looking for and you guys know the answer. I want to make a forest be the border around my map play area, with some trees inside the area for some fun detail. I understand that the sky map is: sky_trainyard_01 - Check!

    Here is a picture:

    several questions:
    have the props been added to the SDK already?
    What are the trees and stump props called?
    to get the grass to show up is another asset correct? needing to change the detail on the map properties?
    Do I need a different asset for the dark blue background trees or is that part of the skymap?
    is there a more efficient way of doing this idea?

    Thanks for helping!
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    The props have been added to the SDK, and I believe they are under the folder 'props_forest' (not 100% sure)
    Yes, you will need to change something in the map properties, there's a thread here about how to do it:
    I believe the dark blu trees are sprites in the 3D skybox. You can download a decompiled version of lumberyard and look at it in Hammer here:
    If you don't know how to do a 3D skybox, there's a few tutorials in the tutorial section that should help you out.
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    Score one for the TF2M community :D
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    The trees props are in prop_forest. The Blu sections are in props_skybox. Their color is defined by skin. Also if u are intersted, vtf for that prop is a white alpha mask, and Blu color is generated by a $color parameter in the vmt so u can easily make green sections, purple sections and so on without editing the vtf.

    Have fun.
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