Lowering graphical quality in Hammer?

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    I know a lot of people are looking to getting the better graphics on hammer, but my game functions on the lowest graphics and goes about 2 fps on the highest. This wouldn't bother me much, but on a new map I'm making that involves using a blend texture, the smallest difference between one alpha and the other is the difference between random rock, or dirt. Is there a way to lower the quality so I can see what looks good on mine? I'm guessing that it would look better on high quality.
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    This tutorial goes over how to fix a common problem with Hammer in which texture quality is too low. You could just reverse the settings in order to make your Hammer 3D view look worse.

    The ConVar.mat_picmip corresponds with the mat_picmip console command in TF2 - that is, texture quality:

    -1 is for Very High textures.
    0 is for High textures.
    1 is for Medium textures.
    2 is for Low textures.