Lost City

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    A construction team digging a foundation for large building came upon a find that shocked everyone. Hidden beneath the desert of arizona was a city lost for thousands of years. Of course the two rival construction teams Blue and Red could not come to an agreement over who had the rights, so the fight ensued.....

    The basic structure of the map is complete. I am now in the process of adding all the props and "eye candy"

    This map was made with the input of all the people on the server i play on. I asked them for input step by step as to what they would like to see. Some things in this map are familiar to tf2 players some are not. But the people that play it enjoy it and have a good time so that is all i could ask for. This is the first time i have made a map and gone into it "blind" where others basically dictate where it goes each version.

    I know that i am nowhere near as good as most of you all so i hesitated in even releasing it here with all the very high quality projects you guys create. But i decided to anyway to see what the community thinks.

    Enjoy all

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    If nothing else I love the name. I look forward to playing it on gameday sometime