Lost all VMFs

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L1: Registered
Nov 19, 2016
So recently my computer bluescreened but was fixed by replacing the hard-drive, sadly this means I lost all content on this computer, which includes vmfs of my maps that I hadn't released or hadn't released the update for as I was still working on it, I hadn't thought to back anything up as I wasn't expecting it to bluescreen so soon. would there be any way for me to access these vmfs such as steam cloud storage? Or am I going to have to restart on 5+ projects? One was almost too it's next release after a month or two of work, although it's already been released I really can't stand working on it all over again from a probably poorly decompiled version using BSPsrc.


Feb 5, 2016
Iirc they won't be stored in Steam's cloud service, but aside that I see BSPSource being the only option. Though to prevent it in the future, you should save your vmfs to a cloud ie. OneDrive/Dropbox.

[Rx.] Christian Troy

L5: Dapper Member
Jan 23, 2017
If the hard drive is still some what functional you can connect it to the motherboard as a second drive. When you get Windows started it will assign it a different drive letter which you can click on and navigate like any other folder or device connected. Another option here is an external hard drive case for connecting it to the usb ports but the first method is much easier.

If the hard drive is not functional in any way the only other option is to send it out to a service that can recover what is on the hard drive but, it won't be cheap.

Da Spud Lord

Occasionally I make maps
Mar 23, 2017
In the future, I highly recommend storing your VMFs in the cloud with an auto-syncing service. I use OneDrive because it's pre-installed on Windows and comes with your Microsoft account, but Google Drive and Dropbox will also work.