Losing Desire to Map

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L2: Junior Member
Aug 8, 2017
I've been having a hard time getting myself to map. I used to map constantly as soon as I got feedback and play on pretty much every Imp I was notified of, but now I just kinda lost my zeal to map.

This thread is here to just talk about if you guys have ever just completely lost desire to map, what would make a person lose the pull to make TF2 maps (or really just maps in general), or ways to "get over the hump" of not having any desire to make maps.

I'd like to see what y'all say.

Malachite Man

L6: Sharp Member
Oct 16, 2015
In my experience Losing desire to map is Normal, if your having a hard time mapping then take time off mapping and do something else becuase if your not having fun working on a map then just stop, if your miserable when mapping then what's the point of mapping then.

Bunker Junker

L3: Member
Jul 28, 2017
Oh trust me, I've had moments where I felt like that, (Mostly when Hammer crashes and I forget to save.) but I just find mapping to be too interesting to let go, so I can't really relate with you.


L3: Member
May 8, 2017
Everyday is like that for me :0, especially when some people cant appreciate how hard it is to map or how long it takes to do somethings while it may only be played for 30 min at the most :0 I find it easier or fun to switch between multiple source games and map between them or play them just to start with something new with different idea before going back to tf2


L4: Comfortable Member
Sep 24, 2017
I've been where you are. I started mapping...idk, maybe early fall 2016? I wasn't exactly great at it, and I made dozens of maps that were unplayable in more ways than one. Spawns were nonfunctional, capture points didn't work, doors didn't open or close, and generally speaking, it was all pretty rough. After a few months of trying, I took about an 8 month hiatus from mapping all together. I came back with new ideas and minor competitive experience under my belt with a hope that maybe, just maybe, these newer ideas would be better. For the most part, they were, but it still took a few more months before I could consistently work on a singular map. November came, and my laptop died with a few different maps I had worked on down the drain. I was bummed, but come Christmas, I got a new one and started working on map ideas I had drawn out. I worked on a map I called pl_alaska for a solid 10 weeks (off and on) to the point where it was almost a full map...except for the part where spawns were broken, payload didn't move, and health packs weren't even placed. Regardless, this set me up for my current disaster-piece: Nightflower. (The name came from a steam name I gave my friend; they no longer use it though.) Now, I'm just trying to bring it into beta before the Connect 5 Contest ends.

Sorry for essentially saying my entire mapping life story. If there's a thing that I've said to myself for mapping (and I'm not saying this is the thing you should do), I'd say "Good enough is good enough." If something isn't perfect, oh well: you can fix it later. ;)


L4: Comfortable Member
Oct 28, 2017
Ugh I have 9 days left to finish a map for the April Fools contest, and I lost my desire like 11 times at this point because of the func_vehicles causing a load of issues in the map

I don't really know if its worth finishing, as at this point it has to be basic crappy brushwork as I don't have time


i'm currently in the position where i just don't feel like mapping. for the past few months i have been trying to make 4 maps and i gave up on 3 of them. the 4th map is a jungle themed cp map. i worked on it for a week but eventually stopped because i just didn't feel like it. i really want to finish the map because i think it has potential but i just don't have the motivation to do it.


I really suck!
Nov 5, 2016
For me it's a matter of ignoring the silent doubts I have about what I'm doing, ignoring the worry that "this one brush ruins everything" or "this rock prop makes it too similar to [map]" and just getting something down.
Also, when it comes to cleaning up blocking/alpha geometry, I just stall because I can't be bothered to delete everything and make it fit together nicely.


One of the maps i was working on was a halloween themed payload map. It took me way too long to actually make it playable. After a test with bots just to see if everything works i noticed that the map and no flanks and most of the parts were boring and open. I wanted to fix the problems but i had to remove tons of nice brush work and detail. And yes i detail a1’s. It sort of a problem i have and it goes mostly automatic without me noticing. I eventually stopped working on the map. Because i just wasn't happy with it

Bunker Junker

L3: Member
Jul 28, 2017
i really want to finish the map because i think it has potential but i just don't have the motivation to do it.

Me working on arena_jikko in a nutshell.