Looking to commission a map!

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Aug 12, 2020
Hello all! I'm looking to invest more into my personal trade/giveaway server and am very interested in having a custom map for it. I would pay in either TF2 items or straight PayPal/Venmo pretty much whichever income you prefer, as well as pay YOUR price. I understand the ordeal of making a map and I would never want to underpay someone for such work. You can check my profile and 3rd party site history as well I've been in TF2 for years and have accrued a hefty amount of reputation in the meanwhile. As this is a very serious inquiry if you are interested please drop your map portfolio and discord tag and I will add you to discuss the map details from there!

I don't want to divulge my vision for the map in it's entirety but I am looking for someone who can chase a silly aesthetic outside of the base TF2 one for a map along the lines of those like harbl_hotel or this new amazing one i saw on gamebanana.

Feel free to ask my any questions that arise!