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    If anyone has experience with wireless headsets, what model would you recommend? How's the battery life, audio quality, range, etc? Is getting a wireless headset worth it, or should I just buy a new wired one?
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    Well, I would definitely go with wireless headset if you have a pet. My dog killed my Turtlebeach PX21 in 3 days, by biting the cords, and the few disadvantages of wireless are okay when your pet cant destroy it. Also if you don't have much desk space, wireless is for you.

    If you are going wireless, get the Afterglow Wireless Headset (https://ebgames.com.au/ps3-159391-Afterglow-Wireless-Headset-PlayStation-3)

    I have had this one and you definitely get quality for money. You should be able to get it shipped pretty easy, this is just Australia's alternative of Gamestop, run by the same company.

    I enjoy using this and just walking and making lunch while listening to tutorials or music. Because of the 100ft range, I can walk up and down the length of my house (my house is very long) and just manage to hear it.

    Make sure however you get a chargeable one, and not a battery powered one. One disadvantage I have found is charging it, as even though it has a 10 hour battery life, gaming all day can be difficult, causing me to get up and actually walk around, acknowledge my pets and family, etc. (yuck)

    If you go wired, the Turtlebeach PX21 is really nice, for the three days I had it, although the cords are quite flimsy, i did manage to repair it with electrical tape however. The headset is comfortable, and the microphone works very well, but picks up a bit of background noise, especially a clicky clacky keyboard.

    If you are looking for something more expensive, get the Turtlebeach XP seven, its very comfortable and is designed for gaming. The amount of different setting you find on this device, along with other Turtlebeach headsets is amazing, and the quality is just as good. The surround sound on this is godlike, with the sound giving you a full 360 degree perspective.

    So yeah, hope this helps.
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    I swapped to wireless a few months back. A corsair model (not sure which one, there's only one or two)

    Gives me at least 8 hours charge, and when it's charging it uses the same microusb that my phone and tablet do, so that's really handy. The wire to charge is also less obtrusive than my old headset so it's not even bad as a wired headset.

    Stable range is to the adjacent room, (happens to be the bathroom) anything beyond there cuts out)
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    I actually just bought a pair of wireless headphones myself. I went with the ATH DWL5500s from Audio-Technica since I used to have their ATH AD700s, which I really liked (but they broke after 4 years of use and an angry chair). I was actually even planning to do a video review of the pair after I had used them for a while because they don't have much footage beyond excellent text reviews.

    I'm excited though.
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