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    I run a custom map server for our community (not tf2maps, different community just to be clear) and I'm interested in some suggestions from experienced custom map players. We play about once a week on the server, no limits to the number of maps in the cycle so long as they are liked.

    I find the following types work best:
    3 cp push
    5 cp push (but not large ones)
    payload race
    unique styles (if reasonably well done)

    Not as good:
    ctf (can easily stalemate, encourages defense too much)
    cp attack/defend

    Smaller focused maps tend to work better. Common complaints from players are "I'm lost" "I don't know where to go" etc. With custom maps you need a very quick learning curve or people lose interest fast.

    Dark maps tend to get complaints. They always look good before you play them but ultimately the darkness tends to create game play issues for people, ie, "i cant see."

    Gimmick styles of play can go over well so long as they aren't over played. I'm talking about your wacky races, balloon races, skating rink, pipeball, billards, etc. If it can have a cute gimmick and be well balanced for real play even better, for example lolcano has been very popular.

    Players always complain if the map isn't finished too, I've seen some good up and coming maps but can't use them till they get the textures on the wall.

    No maps with huge open line of sites that heavily favor snipers. People HATE that. It's okay if it's one area or one part but not if it's the whole map or the majority of it or that one part is essential to achieving the goal.

    Small file sizes are better but not demanded if the map is of sufficient quality to warrant the wait. We do have a fast download server but still people don't like waiting. This is probably the single most important reason as to why custom map servers don't populate in the first place.

    Unique or otherwise interesting settings are popular. A well done theme can push a map from good to great.

    Okay that got longer than I intended, sorry about that, looking forward to suggestions though and trying out some new maps.
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    vanguard looks interesting. Normally I would wait for retreat to be more developed but the different gameplay intrigues me so I'll give it a try. Croissant I've played, remember it from the contest maps. I'll give mill a try. My feelings on ctf a/d are kind of mixed. It's not very common so it's nice to do something different but it often bogs down like a traditional cp a/d. I'll load it up anyway and try it out.

    Every week or two I download a sample of maps and put them through "testing." Just a single play through with a small number of people to decide whether or not to leave it in the rotation. If it survives that it just needs general approval when it actually comes up in the rotation for real.

    For the record I don't have anything against any of these play styles, it's just experience telling me what works better on the server. If everyone played an aggressive/teamwork style like I do then ctf and cp a/d would be a lot of fun but that isn't always the case. Instead they get 2fort syndrome and everyone suffers.
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    cp_axle is a 5cp push map that i created and is in late beta. It's also particularly small so hopefully that's a pro.

    As a general rule of thumb our feature section next to the site banner at the top there are well tested maps that basically have the TF2maps seal of approval for balance and aesthetics. The idea is to promote maps, especially to server operators looking for fresh material for their players.

    Our rotation is based off of said featured maps, including but not limited to:

    I do have to ask why you don't like payload, payload is probably the single most successful game mod in TF2.

    This is just the nature of custom maps and running a custom map server. If you want to keep players in your server, run a 2fort/badwater 24/7 map. If you want to run a custom map server, this is just something you have to put up with. If you have trouble filling your server, publicise a bit more, affiliate with other communities and open up your server to others in an official capacity like running testing events. Our servers used to be empty all the time because we had so many alpha maps and our rotation was stuck on stock maps, now we have a rotation up our servers seem to always have at least 4 players in them.
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    Well if you didn't notice the common theme between like/not like it was: balanced offense is good, a/d is bad. Payload is another form of a/d. It's not that I personally hate the style or the concept, I just get too many complaints about a/d maps that bog down. The offense stalls on the final cap after a long trek and all of a sudden it's "this map sucks." Nothing really happens in the last 10 minutes and people don't like it. Now if I was trying to blame someone I would blame the players more often than the map makers but that's the reality I have to deal with. Also payload tends to last too long in general. Our players prefer to keep the rotation moving and a KOTH will clock less then 15 minutes while I payload can easily reach 40.

    Played axle last night, looked good.

    I should also say that I do keep maps of all styles on the server and some times put them in the main rotation to mix it up. Playing KOTH every map would get dull after awhile.
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