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    Hi there everyone, I usually don't pop into the forums much, but I'm looking for help regarding the creation of a payload cart model for my map Sabotage.

    If you haven't tried the map out yet, the gimmick of this map is a sort of bait and switch, Red has an area which gets closed off by a door upon the capture of a control point such as the A or B points on the map, instead of going to the closed door and waiting for it to reopen, Blu uses their Payload cart which is equipped with a Drill bit to drill through the closed off door or create a whole new route out of a nearby wall.

    Footage of the gimmick here provided by Aar's recent stream of one of the previous versions of the map

    Due to my lack of knowledge with Blender or any other modeling software tools, I am looking for assistance with creating a brand new model for the cart, since as of right now the Drill is a separate model parented to the Payload cart directly:

    drill cart.PNG

    (Current payload cart for Sabotage)

    Some reference material that I have currently mainly comes from old Lego sets from the Rock Raiders and Power Miners lines as they were direct inspirations for the map's concept and themes, however I have managed to find other images that could serve as proper reference material

    Chrome Crusher.png
    granite grinder.png
    Mario Kart.png
    small digger.png
    Thunder Driller.png

    If anyone is interested in working with me on this model please do not hesitate to let me know. I look forward to hearing from all of you in the future, thank you!
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    might be interested if the map is moving into an artpass.
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    i could prob give this a shot;

    Found some more reference too:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]