Looking for hat enthusiasts to help us create a MIDI realtime piano map!

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    Hiya! Henke37 and I are looking for someone to help us make a musical instrument map. We're hoping to finish this in time for the TF2Maps April Fools' contest. It's not vital, but it's a goal.
    ...Let me explain.

    BACKSTORY: Last year, a map called koth_piano was made. This test/proof-of-concept would take MIDI files, and spit out a functioning "piano".

    [Example video using Super Mario World MIDI]

    The concept was great, however, the map itself was...well, lacking. It used basic models, dev textures, and had a very basic design. henke37 and I are looking to make a new map, possibly using many MIDI instruments. Problem is, neither of us are very experienced at mapmaking.

    Map download link is HERE

    We're looking for two people: someone who can create any models and textures we may need, and someone who can design and build the map.

    Henke37 will handle the piano/instrument inputs, coding for the MIDI converter, and any scripting in Hammer that is needed. Robotortoise will handle obtaining any soundfonts and instrument sounds that are needed, and creating note sound files for the virtual instruments.

    Nothing is set in stone. We can change the map ideas or design as needed. We want to create a map that is a bit silly, a bit musical, and lots of fun to play on! (Many novelty maps aren't so fun to play on. We want this one to be better.)
    If anyone wants to help out or has something to contribute, leave a comment or message me on Steam. All suggestions are welcome!

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    I would be willing to try making the actual map layout and things. No guarantees on how good it will be though, I'm not nearly as good as a lot of people here :p