Looking for any "Abandoned" Textures/Models

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    I am creating a map based on an old and abandoned train yard, however I need help creating (or finding) the textures/models for it. Here are some reference pictures to what I had in mind, note the random debris on the ground, plant overgrowth, graffiti, and small puddles of water.

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    There's a lot you can do with just the base assets. Any dirt/grass blend texture will work well as a floor, and you can also make a custom blend texture that replaces the dirt with concrete (or anything, really). There's also a lot of stain/grass overlays to work with.

    A large part of the theme is also probably going to come from your geometry rather than texture/model choices. Your first picture, for example, looks abandoned mostly because of missing wall/roof portions and nature overtaking the place. The actual materials of the building, however, are largely unchanged.

    Also keep in mind that TF2 is stylized in favor of cleanliness and clarity. Try to add as few details as possible that still sell the theme rather than going for a full-on replication of your reference photos.

    All that said, here's some assets you might want to take a look at:

    Frontline pack (contains vines, some nice corrugated metal)
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    Keep in mind also that the game takes place in the '60s, so any industrial buildings that are abandoned today would have probably still been operational or only recently vacated and still pretty clean.