Looking for 2 old classic TFC maps.

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    I'm wondering if anyone has done it yet for tf2, and what the name of the maps were. I accidentally posted this in the wrong Forum sorry. I put it in Introduce yourself.

    Both were a CTF maps.

    One of them was 2 bases seperated by a tract of land, there were 2 routes(I think) to get into opposing base, you could crossing the land, or you could go into a cave(it had train tracks) but you needed a demo man to blast a hole to get past, then you would run down unti lyou came out in a shower/locker room.

    THe other is much harder to explain.

    Basically the both sides had a bunker type structure, and a large tract of land between both bases, there were some caves that you could go through to avoid the open land... I dunno this one is a lot more vague for me, I think the flag was at the bottom or top? Or maybe there was a generator type thing on the bottom. You could get to the bottom a number of ways one of them was through a vent like system.
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    first one is crossover2 i think ur refering to. i do believe someone is remaking that.

    the 2nd one i think i know what u are talking about. im not at home so i cant get on TFC and look at the list of maps i have to spot the name. could u detpack the generator to destroy it then the lasers fell then u could get the flag faster than having to go into the room where the door moved really slow. then an engy had to go repair the generator for the lasers to come back up.
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