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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Maj.Woody, Oct 31, 2007.

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    (Warning, incoming wall-of-text)

    Hey guys, I figured I would pop in here and intro myself as it seems to be the in thing with the kids these days ;)

    So lets see, I guess some history is in order...

    I started out gaming on a used commodore 64 that my folks got me for my 12th birthday (1988). Spent many an hour playing mostly RPG games such as Bards Tale and Wasteland. Later on a friend in my computer class showed me an awesome game by this company called id Software called Woldenstein 3d. I did not have a PC at the time, so spent many hours in the computer lab after all my work was done blowing away nazis.

    After a few years I managed to get my first PC via a silly mail-order PC repair class. The 'school' sent me a PC in peices in a box with a little book that explained how everything worked and how to put it all together. After getting to know the thing, and a breif experience with AOL's version of the internet, I found that there was a local BBS system, which was a local call (which AOL was not).

    The first thing I found on the BBS of any real interest was a map editor for Wolfenstein 3D. Right then I decided that was the coolest thing I had ever seen. Shortly after that I heard about a game called DOOM from a commercial on the TV (yea I lived in a small town with a computer savvy population of about 6, word of new games came slow to us). So the first thing I did after seeing this commercial was search the BBS file database for doom. They had the demo so I downloaded it and played with that a bit. Shortly after playing through the demo a few times I ended up moving to a city and found a copy of doom2 in a computer shop, but it took a little bit to get back online.

    Before I was back to checking out BBS's I figured out how to connect my PC to my Moms with a null-modem cable which allowed my brother and I to blow each other up in doom, which we did quite a bit. So after I found a couple local BBS systems I found on one of them a section of files for editing doom. After finding that I spent a whole lot of time referring to guides and making maps for my brother and I to play on.

    For many years afterward I just played doom, not being in a position to really upgrade my PC. I ended up missing out on Quake and Quake2, but managed to get a new PC in time to get into Quake 3 Arena. Q3 is really where I came into mapping. Using the name MrMoogly I spent many many hours making maps for Q3. I started out with a version of Radiant made for q3 with a hack applied so that we could make maps for the public beta test version of Q3 that id had released.

    At the time I was making those Q3 maps I was working with a few gamers who invited me over to a LAN party where I got exposed to TFC. I was immediately in love with the game and finally bought halflife in order that I could play online. I fooled around with making maps in TFC a bit but never really made anything releaseable, as I was more comfortable with mapping for Q3 at the time.

    Eventually I discovered the Q3Fortress mod for Q3A and messed around with making maps for it as well, but before I managed to make anything I ended up changing jobs and moving once again and falling away from FPS games other than to play through a single player game now and then as I was living in a rural area with no high speed connection. I did buy HL2 and play through it when it came out, as I really enjoyed the story of the first game. During this time I discovered that I could play the mmo DAOC over dialup so ended up getting sucked into that game for a few years. Later on I ended up getting DSL again, but never really moved back to play FPS games online as I was spending all my time playing mmo's. I eventually ended up quitting DAOC and started playing EVE-Online (which I still play).

    Then I saw a commercial on TV for The Orange Box. When I saw that TF2 was finally out I was immediately psyched. I immedately went and grabbed my HL2 CD's and reinstalled so that I could get steam (i didnt know it was a free download at the time lol) and went and ordered it and, well, here I am.

    I have put in a few hours in TF2 after blowing through portal and the 2 HL2 episodes that I missed out on. After playing a bit I decided to find out how to make maps and ended up finding this mapping group.

    So at the moment I am working on building a version of what I consider to be my best Q3A map for TF2. It was a CTF map that I built after discovering TFC, but before I found Q3F. It was built with heavy influence from the maps I was playing in TFC, but with considerations for the Q3A CTF gameplay. One funny thing I found is that fileplanet has an early version of the map that I gave to a guy as a test map for a fortress type mod that he was working on (which never really went anywhere unfortunately). If anyone has Q3A and is interested in checking it out, you can download it here:

    Anyhow, sorry for the wall of text, but thats my story and im sticking to it XD

    Woody out...
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    It's a nice story! ;) Welcome by the way! :D If you need help with source mapping, we're there ! See ya Woody !
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    Woot, Commodore 64 was my first computer too :)
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    Holy god that's a lot to read lol. You should have warned readers to get snacks first. I remember the original Doom. Good times :) From mail-order pc's to a commercial for the Orange Box. And thus ends the next thrilling episode of, day of our lives :p
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