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    Never tell your password to anyone.
    18 August 2009
    16:50 - midget31394 [Collusion]: hey! Have I played with you? I didn't know who you were when you added me but you seem cool enough :)
    16:50 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy lol
    16:51 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy im tom from steal supporter
    16:52 - midget31394 [Collusion]: Oh! Do I know somebody who has had their account stolen?
    16:52 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy who?
    16:53 - midget31394 [Collusion]: well, I was wondering why you added me, are you investigating something or, did you add me for teh lulz?
    16:53 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy thats confidencial
    16:54 - midget31394 [Collusion]: Oh, I'm sorry if I'm invading privacy or something. I just wnat to help
    16:55 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy we have a client saying that this is his account
    16:55 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy if this is your account i need your info
    16:55 - midget31394 [Collusion]: What information would you need?
    16:56 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy the usual
    16:56 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy name
    16:56 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy account e-mail
    16:56 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy and password
    16:56 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy i will send it to steam
    16:57 - midget31394 [Collusion]: Do you have a website to put this information into, I don't feel secure sending it over an open chat window. However, if it is absolutely Necessery, I will
    16:57 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy i understand you
    16:58 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy then wait just one second i need to ask my boss
    17:00 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy ok
    17:00 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy
    17:01 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy take your time
    17:02 - midget31394 [Collusion]: just sign into the website?
    17:02 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy you dont need log in
    17:02 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy just look at topics and whatever you want
    17:03 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy i will give you 15 minutes and then i will close your account
    17:07 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy your account will shut down in 10 minutes
    17:08 - midget31394 [Collusion]: actually, I have 11 mins
    17:08 - midget31394 [Collusion]: now 10
    17:08 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy perfectionist
    17:08 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy hurry up or i have to close you
    17:08 - midget31394 [Collusion]: You need to work on your PR skills
    17:08 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy pr?
    17:09 - midget31394 [Collusion]: Public Relations...
    17:09 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy lol
    17:09 - midget31394 [Collusion]: I have to say, I've seriously thought of giving you my details
    17:10 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy: lol
    17:10 - midget31394 [Collusion]: I just need to know they won't go anywhere else, and I'll instantly change my password
    17:10 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy: forget it xD
    17:10 - midget31394 [Collusion]: why?
    17:10 - midget31394 [Collusion]: fail scammer is fail?
    17:10 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy: im fake
    17:10 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy: xD
    17:10 - midget31394 [Collusion]: I know
    17:10 - midget31394 [Collusion]: I was messing dude
    17:10 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy: lol
    17:10 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy: tipe / me
    17:11 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy: /me
    17:11 - midget31394 [Collusion]: yeah I know :)
    17:11 - midget31394 [Collusion]: I don't like the sea of blue though
    17:11 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy: /imitate
    17:11 - midget31394 [Collusion]: I have to say, you are the most proffesional person ever try to get my account, with the least amount of spelling mistakes. Well done.
    17:11 - midget31394 [Collusion]: I could actually get to like you :p
    17:11 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy: lol thanks
    17:12 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy: i was banned couse i hacked
    17:12 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy: and was trying to get acount
    17:12 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy: so im sorry m8
    17:12 - midget31394 [Collusion]: lol
    17:12 - midget31394 [Collusion]: it's no problem
    17:12 - midget31394 [Collusion]: I love messing with people who need accounts, but most end up for sale on some website
    17:12 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy: lol
    17:13 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy: where are you from-'?
    17:13 - midget31394 [Collusion]: Scotland
    17:13 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy: portugal
    17:13 - midget31394 [Collusion]: ah cool, well it's been nice talking to you :) I'm gonna close this friendship and chat, no offense to ya, but I don't like being "associated" with these types of accounts
    17:14 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy: kk
    17:14 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy: i undersand
    17:14 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy: cya
    17:14 - midget31394 [Collusion]: bye
    17:14 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy: ;)

    I have to say, it's the first ever scammer to come out and say to me, that he was trying to get my account and he was a fake. I was getting to like him :p
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  2. zpqrei

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    He seemed like quite a nice guy. I may have to add him xD
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  3. The Political Gamer

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    Best scammer ever!
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  5. Guardian

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    Well that's interesting
  6. SiniStarR

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    that was most pathetic attempt that I have ever seen. lol
  7. Nerdbot

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    I once had a phisher approach me telling me I could get into "Left 4 Dead 2 Beta". I told him "hahaha nice try dude I just phished this account yesterday! How many you got?"

    He actually responded and I BSed him about how I stole this account from some phuck1n nublet who kept ownin me in TF2 and that I was gonna try and get it VAC banned. He told me I should join his hackers site. Took the address and sent it to Steam Support.

    Then a guy I know talked to the guy who ran the hacking site and ended up getting him kicked from his little leet pownage club for giving out the name of the site.
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    Illiterate scammer is illiterate?
  10. Shoomonger

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    hmm...nice guy. wouldn't mind if he tried to steal my account