Logic72 a2

An attempt to fix CTF

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    Logic72 - An attempt to fix CTF

    *yes the cap timer thing on the hud stutters. I don't know how to fix this but am aware it happens so don't tell me*

    Created for the summer 72h jam, Logic is my attempt to "fix" ctf by using the method of throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks. I think the logic is solid but not so sure about the layout. Thanks to RodianJenga for the "CTF with a Gateswitch CP" prefab that I cannibalized a bit to get all the logic working correctly. At least I hope it's working correctly >__>

    brief case hud icons and some ctf with cp logic - RodiaJenga

    How to Play:
    -Stand on the flag to capture it's point and pick it up
    -Take the enemy flag back to your flag to score a brief case
    -3 brief cases wins you the round
    -while a flag is not in it's teams base, the shortcuts for that teams base are open, one in the spawnroom to help defenders head off the flag carrier and one by the flag room to help the flag carrier get away
    -If a team (red) captures it's own flag's point (that's on the flag) after that flag was taken by the other team (blu) then the flag resets back to their base
    -time is added on flag capture
    -If neither team has 3 Briefcase captures before time runs out, stalemate and no one wins
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