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    with this map I am trying to give an attack defense feel through the use of locking doors and a changing spawn.

    when the intelligence is picked up, the main front doors to the base will come down locked (they are otherwise non-existent I wouldn't want players to be confused about whether or not the doors would open.

    also the defending teams spawn changes to a more central point that they can defend either the intel spawn location or the cap point.

    both the spawn point and the doors will return to normal on capture or return.

    also, for whatever reason I can't get my models for the resupply locker to show up, I am aware of this and that it is a problem, but I will have them fixed by the next release. there is no regen entity in the secondary spawn, this is intentional and something I want some play test feedback on.

    I still have a lot to do that I already have plans for, but this map is a learning process for me (being my first) and I feel like play testing, will help me make changes in the right direction.

    Thanks for any and all feedback.
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    I wonder how sectioning off the map will play :/