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    I know that the standard for a 6v6 lobby is 1 medic, 1 demoman, 2 soldiers and 2 scouts. I was thinking though, would the below team layout work at all in a traditional lobby? I'm unsure if these items are allowed in lobbies although.
    Primary: Crusader's Crossbow or Blutsauger
    Secondary: Medigun
    Melee: Ubersaw
    Notes: I can also see the Solemn Vow for the medic fairly useful with coordination. For those who forget, it allows the medic to see an enemies life which could be useful. More often than not, you'll be with your team so you might not be meleeing a lot. The only time I can see the Crusaders Crossbow could really be of any use is if you were to tell a far away ally to stay still for a second so the Medic could launch off an arrow. This could save an ally and potentially be better than having the ally come all the way back to get healed. By coming back, you'll have to stop healing your pocket for a minute to regain the allies HP.

    Primary: Tomislav
    Secondary: Buffalo Steak Sandvich
    Melee: Gloves of Urgently Running
    Notes: The Tomislav will ready the Heavy once he gets into battle and help him get faster kills.
    The gloves will help the Heavy get their faster obviously, and will aid the Medic. The Buffolo Steak is a gutsy item but I can see it being very helpful, more so than the other eatable items the Heavy can carry. I say this because you'll be constantly healed by the Medic so you won't need your Sanvitch. The Heavy is the pocket for the Medic.

    Primary: Vanilla
    Secondary: Vanilla
    Melee: Paintrain
    Notes: The demoman will play his usual role in lobbies which is to get to the point first and lay down some stickies/grenade spam. Paintrain is good for capturing faster, etc...

    Primary: Blackbox or Vanilla
    Secondary: Reserve Shooter or Vanilla
    Melee: Disciplinary Action or Equalizer
    Notes: The soldier will pocket with the medic at the beginning of the match which allows the medic to build faster. At the same time, he'll be whipping both the Heavy and Medic with the Disciplinary Action. He'll later roam with the Scouts and Demoman. Since he will roam, it may be a good idea to have the Blackbox with him.

    Primary: Vanilla, always...
    Secondary: Crit-a-Cola or Vanilla
    Melee: Candy Cane or Atomizer
    Notes: The Scouts will still roam. The Crit-a-Cola will aid in picking off people faster. The vanilla pistol will also help once the scout is forced to reload his vanilla shotgun. The Candy Cane is immensely helpful for survivability, granted you're good enough to kill someone. The Atomizer is also good for dodging rockets for that third jump.

    So, would this layout get rolled?
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    crossbow is fine occasionally, usually overdose is best. solemn vow is useless if you comm enough, ubersaw #1 (vita is banned). tomislav and gru are banned because they are OP and lame. most demos use pain train. black box might be decent for a roamer but is generally bad cause of the 3 rockets.whip is banned. reserve shooter is banned. crit a cola is okay i guess, most scouts use pistol. atomizer is banned. boston basher is best scout melee because you can build uber at a really fast rate when a soldier is down.

    when i say it's banned i mean banned in leagues so there's no point in using it in a lobby
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    Well, that sucks. Leagues seem to be really stiff on items.
    Seems like Leagues should be played on the Xbox 360 where their are no updates. :x
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    When did GRU get banned?
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    If you want loadouts without bans these are the definite best:

    Mad Milk (amazingly broken, determines entire fights)
    Atomizer (straight upgrade and uber building)

    Cow Mangler (5th rocket for bombing etc)
    Reserve Shooter/Battalion's Backup (more burst damage, or getting a free 2nd uber that counters Kritz)
    Equalizer (upgrade for roamer) or Disciplinary Action (upgrade, speed boost for everyone)

    Tomislav (upgrade, no spin-up)
    Sandvich (no point using Steak when you have GRU/Soldiers DA)
    GRU (upgrade, speed boost and uber building) or Fists of Steel (against snipers, DA Soldiers whip you)

    Grenade Launcher
    Stickybomb Launcher
    Pain Train/Ullapool Caber (capping or defending respectively)

    Overdose (upgrade, speed boost)
    Vita-saw (upgrade, free Ubersaw hit every life)

    Lots of upgrades that would then be "necessary". Lots of power creep going on there. If you don't understand why stupid unlocks are banned play for a little longer and it should be pretty damn obvious.