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    This is my first payload map, and only my second (functional) map. The first map I made was a bombingrun map (or reverse ctf), and it was pretty terrible. I decided to get back into it and learn to make a payload map, just because of how much I enjoy payloads.

    So far, it's just been a learning experience making this map. I've put about a week's worth of time into it so far, but theres alot to be done.

    In building the map I tried to think about actual gameplay, like where sentries could be built (and if they would dominate at that spot). I think it turned out alright, but there is alot of detail I need to add to make it look lived in/block snipers line of sight.


    -Weird lighting/shadows in a few places (anyone know a fix for the weird ceiling shadows just before the third cap?)
    -Sniper dominations; I'll be detailing it with more props to block a few of the obvious line of sight lengths that snipers have
    -Payload probably still floats in a few places
    -Final cap isn't all fixed up, bomb just disappears instead of falling into the pit (anyone know how thats supposed to be set up?. I couldnt figure it out from the tutorial on the valve dev wiki)

    Looking for any suggestions or tips you can give me.

    Thanks for checking it out.
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    Don't use PNG for images. D: