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    Since the download system on here doesn't seem to be working for me, here are links to downloads:

    This is straight from the README file, included in the download:


    Loader is a small King of the Hill map centered around the loading dock just outside a mine. The goal is simple: Hold the point for a total of three minutes.

    When your team owns the point, the enemy's timer is paused and your timer will count down until it reaches zero and you win the game. If the other team owns the point, your timer is paused and the other team's timer counts down. The team to hold the point longest wins.

    Loader is about the same size as most Arena maps and favors both horizontal and vertical attack/defense. The team who controls the ground floor of the center building controls the map, but secondary spawns that exit onto the building's roof ensure that no team holds any single position for too long. The action is fast and frenetic, encouraging swift tactical thinking and good spatial awareness as an attack can come from almost any angle.


    Extract koth_loader_v1.bsp to this directory on your hard drive and you're ready to go:

    C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\YOUR USERNAME GOES HERE\team fortress 2\tf\maps


    This map, while hopefully quite playable in its present form, is still far from finished and is currently in public beta. It still has some issues I'm trying to iron out, and some other little details I need to address. Among these:

    -Dual onscreen timers
    These are coming in the next release. Once I get the dual onscreen timers working, I'll make an updated version of ncyphe's KotH prefab I used and release it on various websites such as FPSBanana and TF2Maps.net.

    -Spawn room and center building detail
    The spawns and center building interiors still need more detailing done to be on par with the rest of the map. They are not finished.

    While this will likely come much later than any other fixes, I have several things in mind for optimizing the map to get the best framerates possible. These things should only affect performance, not the actual look or layout of the level.


    A huge thank you goes out to all the TF2-playing folks at CGTalk for playtesting the map and giving continued feedback.

    -Thanks to TheNeverman for pointing out ncyphe's King of the Hill prefab over at FPSBanana. You can download that prefab here: http://www.fpsbanana.com/prefabs/1717
    -Thanks to Wyatt and Kirt for graciously hosting the server and taking care of the admin crap.
    -Thanks to Meelo for putting up with nagging questions about Hammer.
    -Thanks to Burningman for being a cheerful meat shield and all-around good guy. I swear I'm going to put a bucket in this one too.
    -And thanks to all the rest of the people who've helped test it to this point: You know who you are.

    In making this map, I referenced many others and borrowed, stole and got inspired by several more. Lighthouse, Garbage Day and Harvest were big inspirations, so hats off to the creators of those maps.

    Finally, a big thank you to all the great folks at Valve. Without all your hard work, community content like this wouldn't be possible.

    --Xavier Coelho-Kostolny, aka "Swizzle"
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    Looks good, sounds fun.