PL Lizantine

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    I am working on Lizantine, firstly the level design.
    Then I'll actually make it inside hammer.

    1. Blu Spawn Doors
    2. This is higher up then the rest of stuff around it, for soldiers and snipers.
    3. These are stairs which lead up to 2.
    4. This entire section, between blu's original spawn and the first checkpoint is sloped downward to give blu an advantage.
    5. This is my truck. I like to drive my truck. is all you need to know. (meet the director reference =D)
    6. This gate opens when blu pushes the cart to the first checkpoint, this gate might or might not block red players. (idk yet, and should i use the yellow gate from trains?)
    7. Those are actually windows
    8. Thats a chain link fence
    9. Reds spawn until blu reaches checkpoint 1
    10. Blu's spawn after xblu reaches checkpoint 1
    11. Chain Link fence surrounding a turbine (god i love turbines.)
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