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    I'm currently trying to build a small sized CP map with three points total. Point 1 is near the blue base, Point 3 near the red base and Point 3 is in the middle.

    I'd like the point dependeny to be different for each team (i.e. red has to capture Point 3 first, then Point2 and finally point 1 to win, blue has to capture point 1 first, then point 2, then point 3.

    Are there any good tutorials out there explaining such a behavior? It's single round, and the points should not be capturable individually (i.e. red cannot capture point 1 until it has point 2 under control, and vice versa).

    If I set the index of the points, I get the same 'strucutre' or 'layout' of points for each team, meaning red and blue will have the same points to be captured. Any help on how I would go about setting the priorities for each team individually?

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    Each control point has keyvalues to set the prerequisite points, per team. It is trivial to do this.