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    Hello again mapping people :) My apologies for the long absence. Between final exams and rl stuff, I've had neither time nor energy to make a proper news thing. However, as is usually the case, I have some good news for you. First off, we're running some tests of the site's relative speed for our users. Webmaster DJive has setup this testing thread, so please take a moment to help out. Second, the TF2 European league started a little contest some months ago. It is finally drawing to a close; chat about it here and view the finalists here. And they're not the only ones ;) In an effort to show off the very most leet and hardcore amongst us, Youme is managing our first ever Stupidity Contest.

    You need to be really bored and/or dedicated, so mad props to all of the authors :D And lastly, I have been getting a few questions about our next major contest. Suffice to say that it's in the works, and shaping up to be the biggest thing we have ever done. Right now we're waiting on the Sniper update to see if we get a new Gamemode. Oh, and before I forget, anyone who is interested in more directly helping out our community should visit this thread. Cheers!
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