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    it's a gravelpit style ADCP map
    it has a bridge instead of a house for A
    and the connectors are totally different
    there's a BLU door that only opens when A+B are capped
    screenshots are outdated
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  2. wareya

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    - Fixed blu spawns being mostly underground (so there's 12 spawn points now)
    - added more signs signs SIGNS
    - changed some pickups mostly according to feedback
    - raise C base captime from 7 to 9 seconds
    - raised skybox on C
    - made C under a little less cramped (smaller ceiling bars) and made the roof look more like it's clipped off
    - Lowered respawn times for both teams from 10-20 seconds to 7.5-15 seconds
    - Added some dev lights (they're really ugly but please ignore that thank you)
    - Made the setupgates glass brushes (I'll make them larger and models later)
    - Raised part of the ground on C in one of the corners, might make a good sentry position because it can see on top of the point more easily
    - Playerclipped the edges of the hole in the roof on B so the edges of the metal on the wood don't act like stairs (the hole and its size are still the same)
    - Increased the long A connector's sightlineyness
    - Widened a door between A and C (the lower and outermost one)
    - Increased the sightlineyness from said door to the A long connector
    - temporarily disabled the spawn<->C connector to see if it makes winning harder
    - removed the teleported nobuild in the blue spawn area
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    It's recommended there be 16 spawn points. No biggie right now, but maybe something to keep in mind for your next update?

    Had fun playing your map the other day! :)
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    I forgot to add up to 16 spawns. Honestly I never really got the point of 32 player TF2 anyway, I feel like it breaks the game. I'll keep it in mind though because it's technically official despite being especially discouraged.
    Thanks for your kind words.

    - Expanded B and A's whole areas by like probably 128 or 256 units. They're a lot more comfortable now.
    - Added overlays under pickups. If you can't see them, it's probably because r_renderoverlayfragment is set to 0 by an aggressive FPS config.
    - Changed some more pickups according to intuition.
    - If I did anything else I forgot about it
    - This is a whole update because moving 1/4th of the map can cause a lot of problems and I want to make sure that I fixed everything before I do any more work

    EDIT: I just updated the download to pack a missing texture. Please re-download if you somehow got it already.
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  5. wareya

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    Positive Ratings:
    - Made A area 64 or 128 hammer units smaller
    - Made C area 64 or 128 or 256 hammer units larger
    - Displacemented the ground under C and added water
    - Made the A/B connector higher and shorter
    - Totally revamped the Blu Spawn / A connection area
    - Added a ledge to A and a standing wall to B which might give better sentry spots
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    A8 DL:
    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1811521/limited 8 3.jpg
    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1811521/limited 8 2.jpg
    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1811521/limited 8 1.jpg

    Changes since A5 -- might be missing some:
    - Changed some brushwork on B
    - Revamped the Spawn - A connector (Raised most lowground, made everything wider especially above the choke, added another pills)
    - Altered the upper red spawn exit
    - Made A cap longer
    - Added a second AB connector, should make defending easier
    - Made the wooden barrier in the old AB connector a ramp, so you can use it as a path from B to C
    - Brought back the old C shortcut door, but it's not a shortcut to C anymore, it's just a way into the AB connector instead.
    - Did some texturing
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  8. Turbo Lover

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    I don't think this map is ready to move into beta yet.

    I appreciate if this is a bit late, and you wonder why I never said anything before, but seeing you're going to detail it made me get up off my arse and put into words what I was feeling from the map.

    The weird gate things that only open once the point is capped are gimmicky and not useful, more often than not I see someone go walk up to it and stand there, expecting it to open. I don't even know what they're supposed to do, really, they can't be used as an extra route to attack their associated point and they can't be used as a go-between for the two points after capping one, and having them for attacking C is pretty pointless since they're too far away to be useful for switching between sides to attack from and can't be accessed from spawn.

    That segues nicely into my next point, no one likes attacking from the left side of C (From RED's perspective) it's at even more of a height disadvantage for BLU than the other two entrances and it's much further away from the point, so its usefulness is...



    And that segues into my third point, too, because all of your doors, including the one connecting A to C, suck. Most of your doorways are blind, you can't see what's happening on the other side. These doors are also the only real connectors between the three main areas, so they choke the hell out of the map. And to top it all of, you have multiple doors in-between each area usually, such as the B-C connector. All of this compounds to create doorways that are really unpleasant to try and move through, I'd wager if it wasn't for the fact that once BLU get on top of C, they can spam down on the enemy's spawn gates, C would be nigh impenetrable.

    Again, sorry I'm saying all of this a bit later than is convenient, but there you go.

    P.S. Your sprinklers look like bowler hats.
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