lights not compiling correctly?

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    I've made HL/TFC maps for years and took a couple year break. I randomly decided to give TF2 a shot and ran into a very strange problem with lights.

    In the map the lighting will change intensity, color and shadow on walls while im moving around. All the lights are standard lighted textures, light entity, light enviroment types. It almost looks like the lights want to reflect off the entire wall individually instead of bending together to make a single reflected color.

    what i did:
    I copied an older map i made and pasted it into a TF2 map. Changed all the non-Func_wall entities to a TF2 type and retextured. I was trying to cheat the system a bit as a testbed project.

    known bugs:
    -There are a couple textures somewhere that have a HL texture name
    -4 of the teleport end entities are too close to the wall/floor and player gets stuck
    -I apparently used a texture associated to another texture in the map and vbsp complains

    things i have tried:
    -modified the lights.rad file for texture lights
    -added light entities
    -HDR and LDR lighting
    -compiling vrad before vvis
    -changed vrad settings to -final

    I'm guessing that I missed some major HL2 item that tells it to light correctly, but have no idea what it could be. I included both the vmf and the bsp in the zipped file.

    Thanks ... and Hello
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    You're using model textures on brushes. Head into the material browser, check "only used textures," and find any textures that begin with models/ or props/. Replace them with the identical texture but that starts with something like wood/ or metal/. This is a really common problem.
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    Thanks, that did the trick.. Not sure why it makes a difference, but it worked.
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    If you look at the vmf files you'll see why.

    The model textures are vertex lit shaders, the world textures aren't. Most worl geometry if very basic and non-shaded (smoothin groups) so lighting by verts doesn't have a good effect (not enough of them mainly).