Lights growing brighter and dimmer

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    Basically, for my map koth_lightningrod, I want it to look like the team that captured the point's base gains power, like lights growing brighter, etc.

    What will I have to do?
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    You'll need to name the lights that will grow brighter or dimmer. Name them all the same thing. For example, blu_lt1, or red_lt1. Then when a team takes the point, add outputs from the trigger_capture_area OnCapTeam1 that turn the lights on and/or SetPattern (patterns step up in brightness from a which is dark to z which is bright).

    For example:
    trigger_capture_area -> OnCapTeam1 -> blu1_lt* -> TurnOn
    trigger_capture_area -> OnCapTeam1 -> blu1_lt* -> SetPattern -> bdjhmnoxrs-> 0 sec
    trigger_capture_area -> OnCapTeam1 -> blu1_lt* -> SetPattern -> srsrsr -> 2 sec
    trigger_capture_area -> OnCapTeam1 -> red1_lt* -> TurnOff

    Should be simple, but you'll have to play with the actual patterns and timing to get the "flickering up with power" effect. Basically you'll want a flickering, brightening pattern, then replace that one with a steadier pattern after a second or two. [Edit] And optionally, you might want a flickering, dimming pattern for when the lights go out/dim.

    One warning: naming a light makes it dynamic, which is a lot more resource intensive. So you should NOT do this to every single light but only a few in key areas to create the effect.

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    If you don't want to have an excessively large lightmap file (the Earkham's method would work quite efficiently) don't forget that entities such as env_sprite and point_spotlight are a lot cheaper, and are more obvious. Use earkham's method, but do that as well.
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    Personally I'd just create some sparks in the lights, and have a second set of lights which turn on.