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    im making my second map in hammer but now i have a very weird bug... lol. never had it before ^^

    ok so, whenever you go around, dont matter where you are. and you browse your weapons. every shadow start to flimmer. once you stop browsing weapoins. it stops.

    also when you press G, everything turns black. only the boxes and stuff i made. not the trees or diplacements. its very weird.

    checked for map problems. - NONE
    checked log on - NONE
    ingame console - NO errors or warnings...

    here is a screenshot.

    Working... doing nothing..

    and when i press "G"

    help please :p

    NEVERMIND - fixed the problem. dont use prop/model textures...
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    I don't say this often, but please please try to use the search function next time. This problem is caused by using a model-based texture on normal brushes. In the texture browser, model textures are listed at the top, and everything you can use is under them. The map looks like a good start though :) But make sure you stretch out those rock textures at the top.